Who We Are?

We keep our customers' satisfaction upfront all the time. We give great importance to our customer's needs with enthusiasm and detailed work on every aspect. So we never compromise the quality of our products.

Our "Your Satisfaction is Our Success" word describes the excellent customer service that we are open to everyone who wants to communicate with us about their likes on our site, their purchase, shipping details etc.

We represent the factories that do their best in their field. They all have the standart certificates which is accepted throughout the world such as GOTS, ISO9001 and/or Oeko-Tex Standards.

Our factories located in southwestern part of Turkey, in or nearby the city called Buldan that is best known for its' special weaving. 

We had a simple wish: To provide the world quality products (that you may also find in your nearby luxury stores) with a better and lower price that has even shipping cost included. We ship from Turkey directly to your doorsteps with no additional cost.

Our customer service is reliable and easy to reach. We are open the most of the days' all hours on the site. Reach us by email or on whatsapp either writing or calling directly, we personalize customer relations for you.

Since we launch our company in the beginning of 2017, Didosh Home presents the products made from the world's best cotton. We, on the side, take pride in the reputation of Turkish cotton.

We work every detail meticulously and willingnessly from processing the yarn, choosing the dye to weaving - with people who own the knowledge and expertise and experience on the subject.

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