Gift Pack

We make great gift wrapping. If you need to give someone a gift, just let us know by contacting us right after your purchase. We use kraft paper and unique ornaments to make the package look charming and beautiful. 

Please, indicate that you made a purchase on a specific item with it's code that is written on the upper right side of the product page and want it to be wrapped as a present.

If you want to add a note,we can gladly put a note with max. 100 characters inside the package. You can send us the note in your email. Please be certain and put your note into parenthesis or " " so that we will not be misguided.

Please keep in mind that you follow the Terms&Use's "Conduct" article and do or write things as decribed in the Conducts. 

Please, write your name, last name, your address, your phone number with country code area code and then write (and indicate that is receiver) receiver's name last name and his/her detailed address and phone number.  

We will be more than happy to send the item wrapped as a present.

We wish to see you again in our page and happy shoppings to you all.

Didosh Home Team

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